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We offer a variety of roofing services for residential and commercial customers.

When it comes to maintaining your Raleigh, North Carolina home or business, there are a few things that you can’t neglect if you want to avoid structural damage. If you have to choose only one to focus on, however, roofing should be your first choice. Without reliable protection from the elements, nothing else can last for long. At Top Armour Contracting, we offer a variety of roofing services for residential and commercial buildings.

Roofing in Raleigh, North Carolina

We are proud to be a RE/MAX preferred contractor and an Owens Corning preferred contractor because of the diligence we have put into developing relationships and our focus on quality workmanship and professionalism. Whether you need a roofing contractor for a minor roof leak repair, roofing installation, or roofing replacement, you can rest assured that we will consider your best interests from start to completion of your project.

There are several things that we do that makes us a trusted roofing contractor. First of all, we offer better quality and better service than most. In addition, we have the fastest turnaround time in the area. When you need a new roof, you need it done in a timely manner so that you don’t continue to deal with water damage and other problems.

If you have roofing questions or would like to learn more about our roofing materials and services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are also here for you if you need gutter repair or installation or siding replacement.

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