Is it Time for a Roofing Replacement? Signs to Watch Out for!

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A roofing replacement job can be quite the undertaking, so it’s no wonder many people want to hold off on it as long as possible! If you suspect that your roof is starting to show its age or are worried that you might be seeing some leaks in the future, then we here at Top Armour Contracting would like to help. We have customers ask us quite frequently about their roof, and we have some red flags we tell them to watch out for.

Is it Time for a Roofing Replacement? Signs to Watch Out for!

First, watch out for problem signs with your shingles. Shingles should be flat, uniform in color and look good from the street. When you have shingles that are curling, bubbling in areas or appear to have wet spots, this can indicate age and problems. Additionally, you will want your shingles to not be smooth — they should have plenty of granules left on them.

Second, the age of your roof is an important factor as well. Even if your roof looks good, it still might need to be replaced simply due to age. With constant exposure to the elements, your roof is going to weaken and have issues. The trick is to replace your roof before these issues start to cause other damages!

Finally, consider the interior of your home. Do you feel like your heating and cooling bills have started to rise suddenly? Are you seeing signs of leaking inside the home or the attic? These are small, but important signs that your roof isn’t able to protect your home like it once did.

These are just a few of the things to watch out for when it comes to your roof. If you have questions about roofing replacement, we would love to chat with you here at Top Armour Contracting. Please contact us today for questions about your roof.