Can the Sun Damage my Residential Roofing?

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If you own a home, you’re no stranger to worrying about all the potential damages that can occur to your property! While there are dangers that are easy to see, such as a storm knocking a tree onto your roof, there are other damages that can occur more slowly over time. With constant sun exposure, it is no wonder many people ask us here at Top Armour Roofing if the sun can be damaging to their roof. The answer? Yes, but not always in ways that you might think.

Can the Sun Damage my Residential Roofing?

When it comes to sun damage to your roof, you need to keep in mind that sun damage often occurs over time and slowly, especially with the new products and materials out there. Older materials can dry out in the sun, becoming brittle and porous with constant sun exposure. This is especially common in climates that see a lot of sun. In more humid or variable climates, your residential roofing can still see sun damage, but maybe not to the extent that you would see in a desert climate.

The severity of sun damage to your residential roofing can also vary depending on the materials that are used. Asphalt shingles and their underlayment are particularly vulnerable to absorbing the heat and UV rays, but newer materials come with protective coatings to prevent this type of damage. Finding materials that are coated to prevent UV damages can extend the life of your roof and should be something you discuss with your residential roofing contractor.

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